Parents & Citizens Association (P&C)

The Geographe Primary School Parents and Citizens Association provides parents with an opportunity to learn about the school’s policies and programs; organise ways in which parents can share in shaping and developing school policies; bring parents together to share information and views; and assist the school in building positive engagement with students.
The executive members of the Parent and Citizens Association are:
President: Kimball Powell
Vice President:
Secretary: Richelle Russ
Treasurer: Bronwyn Flintoff

For more information please refer to page 9 of the Parent Information Book.

School Uniforms

Students at GPS are encouraged to wear our school uniform with pride. Clothing items in the uniform range are comfortable and affordable however, if you choose not to purchase a school uniform, children will need to wear clothing that is unrestrictive and easy for them to manage. Please keep a change of clothing in children’s bags at all times so we can help your child stay comfortable while at school.

Parents, staff and students support Geographe Primary School’s Dress Code. A school’s Dress Code can play an important role in promoting a positive image of the school and creating a sense of identity. Wearing school uniforms promotes equality, inclusion and a sense of belonging for students.

Ideally, we would love to see students wearing their green school uniform throughout the week and their faction uniform on the day of their Physical Education lesson.

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Possum Bites Canteen

The P&C is committed to providing healthy food to our children and use the Traffic Light System to help children and parents make healthy food choices. Food allergies are a concern for many parents and our Canteen Manager is acutely aware of this as a crucial consideration when catering for primary school-aged children. If your child has food allergies, please do not hesitate to contact Sherree to discuss which foods on our menu may be suitable for your child or which could be modified. Sherree can be contacted by email at or by phone  9751 7828.
Possum Bites is a nut-aware canteen.
The P&C relies on volunteers to assist in the canteen in order to keep our costs low and our prices affordable. If you would like to volunteer in the canteen, please call in and put your name on the roster. Volunteers are very much appreciated and we will happily provide you with lunch and morning tea.


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Bushfire Plan

Parents will be notified of any school closures or need for immediate collection of students as per the Geographe Primary School Bushfire Plan

Emergency WA
Department of Fire and Emergency Services
Information line13 33 37
• ABC Emergency WA
• ABC local radio
• 6PR